reinvent the way people meet

Key Features

Aren't you tired of organizing meetups where you have to wait endlessly until everyone arrives?
Didn't you have enough arguments until you decide on a perfect location that suits everyone?

  • Easily create meetups

    Creating new meetups with your friends, colleagues or clients is now a matter of seconds!

  • Collectively decide on time and location

    Each attendant can propose changes in the meetup and every change accepted by the majority is applied automatically.

  • See how far each attendant is

    See the duration of each attendant from the meeting point.
    IMPORTANT: Squirlo NEVER shares your location, only an estimated duration to the meeting point.

  • Chat with other participants

    With its reliable real-time chat system, Squirlo allows you to easily message everyone in the meetup.



A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some thousands of words!

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